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At Kotobee, we believe sharing ideas and experiences helps everyone become better writers. If you have helpful tips, seasoned advice, or resources that you’d like to share, you’ve come to the right place.

Write a Guest Post

We’re committed to helping writers publish their work: from the first sparks of an idea, to the sleeves rolled-up get your hands dirty writing, to creating an interactive ebook that engages your readers, to final fruition with promoting and publishing. Our blog supports writers with articles in these categories:

Writing Tips

Writers helping writers. Genuine advice on how to get past writing blocks, how to write for particular genres. Learn the gritty behind the scenes truths of what makes writing work and what doesn’t. Find out what’s going on in the world of writers: retreats, competitions, conferences, and book fairs.

Creating Interactive Ebooks

Gone are the days of typing on a typewriter and filling the trash bin with crumpled sheets of paper. Creating an interactive ebook is a whole lot of creativity and a dash of tech savvy. Learn how to create engaging ebooks and save time with a few quick hacks.

Publishing and Sales

Writing can be fun, creating an ebook can be just as fun, but marketing and promotion is often times stressful. It doesn’t have to be. Learn from other writers how to promote and market your ebook. Plus, everything you need to know about digital publishing, self-publishing, indie, and traditional publishing.


Ebooks have changed not just textbooks and but the whole learning environment. Get in on the global conversation around elearning, and discover what people are doing to improve education.

If you have new thoughts, experiences or advice that you’d like to share with writers, self-publishers, or elearning educators, send us an email blog@kotobee.com. Indicate the category in the subject line of your email. Be sure to include appropriate visuals along with the article.

Although we do not reject articles based on word count, we do expect that articles are around 2000 words.

We know it goes without saying, but here are our basic rules.

  1. Your article should be original work.
  2. Your article should not be published elsewhere.
  3. Credit artists for images, as they want to be credited.
  4. Kotobee reserves the right to reject, edit, adapt, update and republish or unpublish articles according to our discretion.

We can’t wait to read your articles. Happy writing.