10 Unexpected Places That Can Inspire You to Write

If you’re like me, every time you step into an art museum, the years of emotions trapped in the borders of the lordly paintings and the quiet, reflective atmosphere, not only inspire you to write, but implore you to let their stories free. I get lost in the worlds of years past and my unharnessed imagination roams freely. But, apparently not everyone is like me.

“I was never a huge fan of museums,” shares Kenny, my best friend working for EssayOnTime, when I tell him that I often write there. “I think they’re dull and obscure. They never inspire me.”

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When I first heard him, I became furious. The museum has been the center of my creativity for a very long time. But then I stopped, and realized, “Hey, maybe not all people think like me.” So here I am, writing an article about inspiring places to write in, without including museums.

If you’re looking for a place to brainstorm ideas, you came to the right spot. I am going to present you a list of unexpected locations that will inspire you. Kenny was right – we are all different, and we must accept it. Here you are, enjoy!

At the Mall

Whether you hate shopping by any means or love it with all your heart, the mall can be a really inspiring place for writers. Here are some questions that could get your ideas flowing. Make sure you write all of your observations down:

  • What are people thinking about when they shop?
  • Find one person that doesn’t necessarily “fit in” and ask, “what are his or her preferences regarding clothes or even food?” Watch them for a hot second.
  • Go to a kids’ playground and take a moment to observe the parents’ behaviors. Are there any impatient parents? Are there parents who try too much? Observing families in different scenarios is always exciting and can quickly inspire you.

Starting from that, create different roles for your characters – if you’re a book author. If not, use their characteristics to emphasize with the people reading your articles – if you’re a content writer. If you are a student still learning about life, it might be an excellent opportunity to study the art of gestures and interpret various personalities.

2. At the Airport

The airport! One of my favorites!

  • Watch people carry their luggage and guess where they’re heading – if they’re wearing a business suit, they must be entrepreneurs. Or maybe flight attendants? What if they’re lawyers, or doctors attending conferences in different parts of the world? Guessing can be really fun. You can create your stories based on what you see and expand from there.
  • Watch families say goodbye to each other and observe their facial expressions – are they sad/happy? Are they crying? What is going on inside them? Guess again, and attribute various ‘guessed’ characteristics to each person you’re watching.

Tip: keep in mind that your conclusions might be 100% wrong; but who cares, as long as you’re only observing and creating?

3. At the Beach

Before starting to create, take some time for yourself.

  • Meditate – relax your body and mind; think about nothing; feel the waves, smell the ocean, love the breeze
  • Listen to some soothing music; close your eyes
  • Play some Yoga YouTube videos; stretch
  • Smile

Now that you’re relaxed, your ideas will flow, and your imagination will boost!

  • Watch kids make sand tunnels and castles
  • Watch parents take care of them
  • Watch the sun, the waves again – feel the nature as it fills you up with inspiration
  • Watch couples fighting over who forgot the cooler
  • Watch teenage boys trying to impress teenage girls

Now breathe in, breathe out, and start writing your masterpiece!

4. At Home

As boring as it might sound, “at home” is a fantastic place to get inspired. You got so used to living in your house that you can barely observe what sits around you. Now, become mindful, and observe:

  • Your room – what part of it defines you? Is it the color of your wall painting? Is it the number of pillows you have laying on your bed? Is it the flowers that surround your desk? Is it the raft of clothes sitting on your chair? Think about it! Analyze yourself.
  • Now take a look at your bookshelf – what do you like reading? What interests you the most?

When you make time to analyze yourself, you make time to evolve. As you evolve, your insights expand and might have a better understanding of what you are pursuing in your writings. Ask these questions, don’t let them disappear, as they are the real starting points of your work.

5. At the Movies

No matter if you’re into movies or not, cinematography will help you write. Been there, done that!

  • Watch the movie you’ve chosen and at the end, take notes on what you have or haven’t liked
  • Ask questions – why haven’t you like this, or why have you liked that? Is there something specific about the characters that you couldn’t understand or suffer? Is there something you’d never include in your writings? What is that?
  • Did you like the protagonist/antagonist? What would you have added to the script?

Understanding personal movie and book tastes is a crucial point in any writer’s life. That’s how you discover your likes and dislikes and move forward towards success.

6. At Your Grandparents’

Your grandparents’ house must be one of the most memory-impregnated places on the planet! Visit them and pay attention to their habits, dress codes, manners, smiles, and given love. Ask them to show you their photo albums and ask millions of questions. Notice how they were dressing back in the old times, how they were acting, what friends they had. Compare and contrast it with our current society. Is it similar, is it different? In what way?

7. At the Gym

Find inspiration while thinking about reaching your goals. To break the mental barrier means to surpass your limits. This is an excellent way to boost your confidence while brainstorming ideas. More than that, hitting the gym is a good stress-reliever and frustration killer, so there you go – you got two for one!

8. In the Bus

As funny as it might sound, the bus is an excellent location to find your lost creativity. Instead of plugging in your earbuds or watching your favorite Netflix show, take out a pen and paper and start writing. Write what you hear, feel, see. Does anyone seem tired? Why do you think that is? Is there someone who particularly draws your attention? Why do they? What are they wearing? Ask yourself questions and get inspired.

9. At the Grocery Store

You can watch people, walk through the aisles, notice what everyone is buying. Think about the reasons behind their preferences – why are they choosing to buy fruits and vegetables but no meat? Could they be vegetarian? Could you start writing something about vegetarianism? Should you research it more? This is just an example, but you get the point. Start from small questions and make your way up to a complex analysis.

10. In the Shower

Sing, dance, listen to podcasts, shower. Then take a break and sit down in your bathtub. Do you feel peaceful enough? If so, write down all of your feelings. Why do you love life? Answer this question too.

Sometimes, all we need is to become mindful and be reminded of our amazing lives. When we do so, we realize inspiration comes from within (and it always had!). Suddenly, we’re able to focus again, find the inspiration we need, and finish our tasks quickly and promptly.

Wrapping Up

The mall? Your grandparents? The airport? Who would’ve thought these places can inspire anyone…ever? Well, let me tell you a secret – anything can be inspiring as long as you choose it to be. Even brushing your teeth can be inspiring for a person looking to promote toothpaste.  It’s all about the way you see it, the way you perceive it, and how much you want that inspiration. Good luck!


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