26 Workshops & Retreats for Writers in 2017

This post is outdated. For upcoming retreats, go to Writers’ Retreats You Don’t Want to Miss.

If it’s proving hard to chip away at the good old writer’s block, then you’ll be glad to know there’s something you can do about it. And not just any old solution either.


Writer’s retreats and workshops are the perfect way to unblock your creative juices, get them flowing again, and getting your pen (or keyboard!) loose again. With leading authors and agents in attendance, you’ll get to ask the right questions and hear the answers you need for your latest literary work.

Below are 25 amazing retreats and workshops around the world that you can attend to glean advice and take inspiration from.

1. Pele’s Fire


Not football related, but very much writing related! You’ll get genre-specific advice, feedback on manuscripts, as well as downtime for writing, amongst other activities. And all taking place by the sea.

When? March 21-27 2017

Where? Hawaii

How much? $1995 to $2925 based on accommodation

Website: http://pelesfire.com/

2. Iceland Writers Retreat


Intimate workshops. Panels with famous authors. Unspoilt natural scenery. Trips into the countryside. What more could you ask for? And that’s just a small taster for your creative juices!

When is it? April 5-9 2017

Where is it? Iceland

How much is it? ISK289,000 (Approx. $2560)

Website: http://www.icelandwritersretreat.com/

3. Philadelphia Writing Workshop


Not so much a writing workshop, but a focus on “How to Get Published”. Learn how to pitch to agents and editors amongst other topics.

When is it? April 8 2017

Where is it? Philadelphia, USA

How much is it? $169 + many other optional services

Website: https://philadelphiawritingworkshop.com/

4. Himalayan Writing Week


The Himalayas are a perfect get-away from the noise and grind of daily life. Guided by three published authors, you can take part in discussions, walks, yoga and crafts.

When is it? April 9-16 & August 20-27 2017

Where is it? India

How much is it? $1000 + 15% (April), $1200 + 15% (August)

Website: http://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/

5. Young Adult Fiction


Set amongst the rolling greenery of the English countryside, you’ll get a full array of advice and help from leading authors in YA fiction. Other genre-specific courses are also available.

When is it? April 10-15 2017

Where is it? Shropshire, UK

How much is it? £760

Website: http://www.arvon.org/course/young-adult-fiction-3/

6. Write Away


Greek islands are world famous – and what better place to whet the writing appetite? Find inspiration with workshops, one-on-one mentoring and group activities.

When is it? April 22-29 & June 3-17 2017

Where is it? Paros Island, Greece

How much is it? April $1495  / June $2800

Website: http://www.writeawayeurope.com/greece-write-away.html

UPDATE: Make sure to check out their Autumn Italy & Prague, Czech retreats.

7. Writers Retreat Workshop


An “intensive learning experience”, this retreat provides the perfect get-away for serious writers. You’ll get help to complete your novel, whilst staying in the heart of Texas.

When is it? May 6-13 2017

Where is it? San Antonio, Texas, USA

How much is it? $1840

Website: http://writersretreatworkshop.com/writers-retreat-workshop-2017.html

8. TLC Writing Retreats for Women


Corfu’s unique and interesting history and culture form the backdrop to this retreat. A women writers’ only retreat, you’ll get to focus on your writing in a most tranquil and natural setting!

When is it? May 12-19, 2017 & May 21-28, 2017

Where is it? Corfu, Greece

How much is it? $4200 – $4500 based on accommodation

Website: http://tlcwritingretreats.com/

9. Yoga & Writing


For the spiritually minded, this retreat is the perfect inspirational get-away. Led by Karen Kenney, you’ll receive all the creative support you need to start writing.

When is it? May 22 – 26

Where is it? Rhinebeck, New York, USA

How much is it? $405 + accommodation (ranges from $565 – $1345)

Website: http://karenkenney.com/yoga-writing-omega/

10. Women Writing Retreats: Paris


The city of love is the perfect place to start your writing career. Focused on first-time writers, you can take part in writing sessions and group feedback.

When is it? May 29 – June 2 2017

Where is it? Paris, France

How much is it? $1995

Website: http://womenwritingretreats.com/workshop/

11. California Crime Writers Conference


Aspiring crime and mystery writers listen up! This is the place you need to get to if you’re looking for advice from top authors and crime-investigation pros.

When is it? June 10-11 2017

Where is it? Los Angeles, California, USA

How much is it? $265 – $350

Website: http://www.ccwconference.org/

12. Pink Pangea Travel Writing Retreat


Who doesn’t find Venice intriguing and unique? In this ladies-only retreat, you’ll get to take part in workshops, discussions and tours.

When is it? June 11-15 2017

Where is it? Venice, Italy

How much is it? $895 – $1359

Website: http://www.pinkpangea.com/pink-pangea-travel-writing-retreat-italy/

13. Greece Writer’s Retreat


Another retreat for women writers will be led by Julie Maloney, who has hosted writing workshops for over 10 years. You’ll get to learn the tricks of writing in the setting of a Greek island, no less.

When is it? June 14-23 2017

Where is it? Alonnisos Island, Greece

How much is it? $2000

Website: http://www.womenreadingaloud.org/greece-retreat.html

UPDATE: The WRA organization also have a Yoga & Writing retreat for women writers in the south of France scheduled for August 20-29, 2017. Check it out here.

14. The Creativity Workshop


In the beautiful setting of the Czech capital, this workshop is a well rounded writer’s experience for inspiration.

When is it? July 1-5 2017

Where is it? Prague, Czech Republic

How much is it? $2200 – $2900 based on accommodation (Tuition fees alone are $1395)

Website: http://creativityworkshop.com/prague.html

15. Creative Revolution Writing Retreat


This retreat is for those of you who are ready to finally write that book you’ve always wanted to write. You’ll do yoga, relax and attend intensive writing workshops in the jungle-beach setting of Nicaragua.

When is it? July 8-15 2017

Where is it? San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

How much is it? $3800- $5200 based on accommodation

Website: http://creative-revolution.com/penpaperparadise/

16. Novel Writing Retreat


Set in a manor house in southern France, and led by authors, you’ll learn everything about writing novels. Including how to develop characters, themes, and driving a plot.

When is it? July 2-8 2017

Where is it? Gascony, France

How much is it? £1200

Website: http://www.achapteraway.com/novel_writing_retreat.html

UPDATE: Another retreat to look out for is the Writing Worlds Retreat from 21-27 May, 2017.

17. Get Away to Write – Spain


Set in the stunning scenery of Northern Spain, you’ll get all the encouragement you’ll need through workshops. You’ll also get to visit Barcelona.

When is it? July 11-18 2017

Where is it? Tavertet, Spain

How much is it? Prices start at $2,115.00

Website: http://www.murphywriting.com/writing-getaways/get-away-to-write-spain-writing-retreat.html

18. Canterbury ArtsCon


Set in the historic English town of Canterbury, you’ll be able to envelop yourself in writing workshops, alongside art and roundtable discussions. The town is also a gem to walk around.

When is it? July 18-21 2017

Where is it? Canterbury, England

How much is it? Unannounced

Website: http://www.cartscon.com/

19. Master Class Retreat


Join The Millay Colony for the Arts for a week of writing workshops, publishing seminars, and manuscript evaluations at their beautiful Berkshires campus.

When is it? July 29 – August 5 2017

Where is it? Berkshire foothills of Upstate New York, USA

How much is it? $1,600. Private consultation with instructors for $150.

Website: http://www.millaycolony.org/master-class-retreat-week-work-writing-publishing-millay/

20. Hamlet’s Hideaway


In an all inclusive, Shakespeare-inspired retreat, you’ll get to stay near the Fredensborg Palace. It’ll be a truly enchanting experience, without the dark psychology of Hamlet himself.

When is it? August 20-26 2017

Where is it? Denmark

How much is it? $2500

Website: http://hamletshideaway.net/

21. A Writing Retreat for the Senses


Italy’s immense history and natural beauty are all the inspiration you need. It’s time to spend a week in a farmhouse in writing workshops, yoga, and beautiful scenery.

When is it? September 3-9 2017

Where is it? Tuscany, Italy

How much is it? $2500

Website: http://www.wideopenwriting.com/tuscany/

22. The Creative Writer’s Workshop: Fiction and Autobiographical Fiction


Ireland’s natural beauty really is inspirational. Enjoy the remote island of Inis Mor with writing workshops, walks and tours.

When is it? September 3-10 2017

Where is it? Inis Mor Island, Ireland

How much is it? €1550

Website: http://www.thecreativewritersworkshop.com/?p=writing-retreats-workshops

23. Western Caribbean Writing Retreat Cruise


A writing retreat with a twist! Workshops and writing sessions are included, as well as stops in Mexico, Grand Cayman and Jamaica for a Caribbean flavour.

When is it? September 10-17 2017

Where is it? Caribbean

How much is it? $1750

Website: http://cruisingwriters.com/retreat/7-day-western-caribbean-writing-retreat-cruise-september-10-17-2017/

24. Your Beautiful Writing Life Retreat


Who doesn’t find Tuscany inspirational? Retreat to a villa just outside Florence for professional development, workshops, art and cookery classes.

When is it? 1 week in September 2017 (exact date unannounced yet)

Where is it? Florence, Italy

How much is it? $2695AUD – $2995AUD (approx. $1877 – $2086)

Website: http://www.yourbeautifulwritinglife.com/

25. Ossabaw Island Writers’ Retreat


Set on an island, previous participants include T.C. Boyle and Margaret Atwood amongst others. Includes workshops and manuscript critiques.

When is it? October 27-29 2017

Where is it? Ossabaw Island, Georgia, USA

How much is it? $1095

Website: http://www.ossabawwritersretreat.org/

26. Write, Travel, Transform


A two week epic experience of travel, writing and yoga. Writing guru Laura Davis’ retreat will give you a whole barrage of material for your books. You’ll also get to see the Sacred Valley around Macchu Picchu.

When is it? October 17-31 2017

Where is it? Macchu Picchu, Peru

How much is it? $5300

Website: https://lauradavis.net/peru/

Note: Dates & prices may change as the year progresses. If you see any differences, or know of other workshops/retreats that should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all for now…

Although many of these courses might seem an investment, it’s as well to bare in mind the benefits you’ll reap. Relevant advice, industry contacts and getting to know other authors and writers are just a taste of what you can look forward to. And of course, you’ll also get very happy travels, not to mention the magnitude of inspiration you’d return with, allowing you to write like you never did before!

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  • Scott Stavrou

    January 26, 2017

    Thanks for including the Write Away Europe Greek Island Writers Retreats amongst such fine company.
    We’re always pleased to welcome both emerging & established writers to our Writing Retreats in the inspired surroundings of the beautiful Greek islands. Genius germinates in groups!

    • Kotobee

      January 26, 2017

      It’s our pleasure Scott. Feel free to share the list with others 🙂

  • Julie Hartley

    October 12, 2017

    Hi there – I wonder if you would be willing to include us in any forthcoming lists of writing retreats? We are Centauri Arts, a writing school based in Canada, and we run an annual writing retreat in Costa Rica each February at a stunning rainforest lodge. The instructor is Julie Hartley, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a writing instructor and is the author of The Finding Place. Writers of all levels and genres are welcome, and the trip is fully escorted. We offer writing workshops every morning, and writers can choose free writing time or sightseeing every afternoon. Please visit our website. I would be happy to provide further information and references, if that’s helpful. http://www.centauriartsacademy.com/writing-classes-and-retreats-for-adults.htm

    • Kotobee

      November 13, 2017

      Thanks for reaching out, Julie! We started working on next year’s events calendars and we’ll definitely be considering your Costa Rican retreat. We’ll also contact you if we need any additional info 🙂


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