5 Reasons Why You Need to Publish Ebooks

Learning is a process that can never cease because it keeps those that are involved alive. However, the trends of learning have greatly improved and diversified to so many phases and platforms.

In this age of constant technological advancement, so many strategies of reaching and impacting learners have also come into play.

One of the easiest and most adopted means of digital learning in this era are ebooks. In this article I will be discussing five tangible reasons why you need to publish an ebook now more than ever.

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In the course of preparing this article I tried to study authors’ and publisher’s perspectives on digital publications and the results were incredibly motivating. Many publishers have really embraced the digital concept, and their growth in the industry is rapidly increasing.

Authors are also buying the idea, and one major interest of the authors in this sphere is that it provides a wider opportunity to become a self-published author. The only area self-published authors are having issues with are the online book stores, issues like delay in delivery, and discounts and the likes. Though, they still make their cool money.

So, let’s get started.

1. Quick and accessible

What is more interesting and pleasing than having full access to what you enjoy reading? Ebooks are quick to reach and easy to access anytime or anywhere, provided you have the facilities of getting it; a reader, a device and an internet connection (at least to initially acquire the ebook).

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2. Portable and flexible

Ebooks reduce storage consumption and are movable. You can load your tablets and smartphones which enable you to read on the go. More interestingly, helpful links are integrated for you to read wider and learn more, which the print versions have no ability to do. It is even better to integrate more links if there is a need for it, particularly if it will reduce the size of your ebook.

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3. Full of fun

By its concept, it’s environmentally friendly. The more advanced regions of the world have really gone deep into digital education (classroom). Virtually everything in those countries has been digitized and digital learning is never excepted.

The fun is just how attractive and pleasing it is to the readers if the course is well designed. Gamification, book widgets and other interactive elements are great ways to make ebooks full of fun.

interactive elements in ebooks

4. Teaches faster

There is no way you can learn if the flair and fun are not there. More people embrace digital books than prints because of the features and how easy it is for people to learn through them.

In the course of your research on a particular subject you can carry out a comprehensive research report in the shortest available time by exploring integrated links on your ebook to get more vital information. This will definitely save you the time and cost of consulting textbooks and other printed materials.

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5. May sell faster

Nothing makes ebooks sell faster more than their compelling features which are also improving daily. The current level of technology has made it nearly impossible for people to do without smart phones and internet connections. Millennials in particular have more flair for technology than adults because they are born within that age, and this is one of the main reasons why more digital books and products are on the rise.

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digital publishing ebooks - kotobee blog


Simon Wood said something interesting, “the ebook revolution might affect the publishing industry with devastating consequences, but the important thing for me to do as a writer is roll with the punches. The one constant in all this change is that the world will always need storytellers regardless of the medium.”

Digital books or products are the future of learning. Even though in the course of my research I came across some disadvantages of ebook publishing, they are mostly ignorable or can easily be managed. My point here is that the advantages have the upper-hand over the disadvantages.

It is high time we all embrace digital products at every opportunity because that is where the world is heading to.

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