The Amazing World of Elearning [Infographic]

Long gone are the days when you could only learn in a classroom or at college. Traditional methods of learning are certainly still important, but as the internet has increased in popularity, we have seen a new type of learning methodology develop – elearning. Let’s put a definition. Elearning (short for electronic learning) represents studies and education facilitated using electronic technology without the need for the confines of a physical classroom.

The cost of elearning, in comparison, is a fraction of what you would pay for a teacher and educational course. For example, the online course website Udemy often offers an extravagant 90% off Udemy discount for many of their courses, temporarily bringing the price way down and giving you a great deal.

The idea behind elearning has actually been around since the 1960’s when the first computer based instruction system was developed. Since then, various types of elearning programs, software, and technology has been created.

Today, elearning has taken a new angle and many businesses are combing mobile technology together with elearning. For example, many elearning courses are available to use on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. You can literally learn on the go and are not confined to a classroom or fixed position.

This type of learning usually involves a combination of video tutorials, written text, multiple-choice tests, and even live webcam sessions. In effect, elearning can provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing experience that doesn’t fall short in comparison to classroom learning.

The elearning infographic below provides some additional info about the state of elearning in 2018.

elearning infographic

To find other elearning infographic templates check online design tools such as Canva or Venngage.

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