Author: Becky Holton

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9 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Content Writer

Content writing might be the perfect career option for creative individuals who are good with words. The position gives you a lot of creative freedom, and it often comes with the opportunity to work remotely. Besides that, content creators can earn a decent salary as reports show that the average annual income is well above forty thousand dollars.

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But not everyone can become a successful content writer. It takes a fair share of talent, learning, and practice to achieve the desired level of proficiency and only the most diligent individuals are able to reach this goal. If you feel like becoming a content writer, then you should master a whole set of skills. We want to help you with that, so keep reading to learn nine skills you need to become a successful content creator. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Use Ebooks to Drive Learning in Classrooms

With kids’ crazy schedules—soccer practice, violin lessons, and private tutoring—having ebooks on hand at any moment makes that half-hour of downtime between extra-curricular activities productive learning time. Now with ebooks classrooms are more effective.

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PTA meetings at one time used to discuss the burden of carrying heavy textbooks, then ebook vs textbook debates ensued for years. Now there’s no denying the advantages of using ebooks. Today we’ll quickly go over the simplest ways ebooks are driving learning in classrooms. In future articles will go in-depth with how ebooks are helping teachers with differentiated learning and how they’re making a difference for students with learning disabilities. Continue Reading