Author: Bridgette Hernandez

Bridgette Hernandez holds a Masters degree in Anthropology. She has an abiding interest in societies, their values, heritages, and cultural mores. In addition to having completed a soon-to-be-published book, Hernandez is a frequent contributor to blogs and a freelancer for a number of sites, including Hot Essay Service and Grab My Essay.

11 Tips to Improve Your Travel Writing

Do you have a travel blog? Do you write non-fiction pieces or articles as a freelancer for other travel websites? Do you have your own travel website that you have monetized? Do you just want to share your travel experiences with others in any way that you can?

Whatever your purpose for writing about travel, you obviously want to gain readership and following. The problem is this: a lot of travel writing is mundane repetitive, and often boring. As a writer, you know that you have to be unique in your presentation, or your pieces will just not stand out in this competitive environment.

travel writing

Here are eleven writing tips, some you may not have thought of and others a reminder of all the writing skills we all know, but may forget when we leave our homes and are lost in foreign lands. We’ve included tips for different types of travel writing, so you can bridge the gaps and remove the boundaries.

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