Author: Claire Newton

Currently working as a Marketing Executive at Design Wizard, Claire is passionate about creating amazing content and bringing people together. Having recently graduated with her master's degree in Marketing she is keen to impact the digital world. Outside of work you can catch Claire taking photos of her rescue dog Storm and checking out social media.

6 Reasons Why Universities Need Elearning Programs

Traditional learning has been the predominant mean of education in universities for as long as anyone can remember. However, with the advent of elearning technology, it’s become necessary for universities to implement elearning programs to stay ahead.

elearning programs

Despite the growing demand for elearning, some universities haven’t incorporated it in their syllabus yet. Little do they realize that they are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime by not being a part of this innovation in education. Today we’re going to explain to you why universities actually need such elearning programs.

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