Author: Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker has been working as an editor and a copywriter at a journalistic company in London for 3 years. He is also a professional content writer in such topics as motivation, productivity, education, technologies, and marketing. Feel free to connect with him via Twitter.

How to Deal with Criticism as a Writer

We can get criticized about anything–our hair, our shoes, our taste in restaurants–and we’ll laugh it off. But if someone criticizes our writing, then things get serious.

deal criticism

When we write, we write our feelings and our thoughts. Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am. If my thoughts are proof of my existence, then naturally, my thoughts define who I am. And nothing can be more personal than the inexplicable feelings that reside in the depths of my inner world. Somewhere between our thoughts and our feelings, we are putting ourselves on paper, bare for anyone to criticize. When reviewers criticize our writing, they criticize us, the deepest parts of who we are. But is that really the case? Continue Reading