Author: Roy Emmerson

Roy is a literary enthusiast, a loving father of twins, a programmer in a custom software company, editor in chief of TheHomeDweller, greedy reader, and a gardener.

The Author’s Essential Guide to Pinterest

As writers, we often find ourselves at a loss over how to get our work out there. Making use of social media is one way to make things happen. But which platforms would serve as good outlets for your creativity? While Tumblr and Facebook might seem like the most obvious choices, in this case, Pinterest is actually another contender. In fact, many writers say it’s both a really effective and professional way to approach a new audience with their work.

Pinterest for writers

Whether you are involved in online promotion, the actual writing, or just want to share your opinions and ideas, there’s always a way to find that golden balance. You no longer have to keep on searching for the right platform. Pinterest has a lot to offer you as an author, and we’ll tell you why. Continue Reading