Author: Victoria Greene

Victoria Greene is an ecommerce marketer and freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares some of her marketing tips as she embarks on her own entrepreneurial journey.

Your Guide To Ebook Ecommerce

Your expertise is a viable product you can sell in ebook form. The popularity of ebook readers and smartphone apps like iBooks have made the process of starting your publishing empire easy.

Guide to ebook ecommerce

If you can add a selection of titles, each drawing in regular downloads, you can start to create a passive income. Alternatively, if you are a business, you can use your ebooks to attract worldwide sales and interest to your brand.

Of course initially, you may need to invest significant time in creating your title, maybe a smidge of starting capital (although this can be the price of a monthly subscription fee).

Read on to find out more in our guide to ebook ecommerce.

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7 Best Ebooks For The Budding Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a well seasoned professional, fresh out of college, enjoying your retirement, or yet to even complete your studies, you’re among the many millions of people across the world who’ve decided to take control of their working life and map out their own business model: in short, you’re a budding entrepreneur.

young entrepreneur

Setting up your own business is an exciting, exhausting and terrifying process: you may be a sole entrepreneur, but no matter how many people you are working with it’s easy to feel as though you are the only person to have ever set up their own business.
But you’re not alone.

There have been many entrepreneurs before, and lots of them have committed their experiences and advice to an ebook. Some of the texts floating out there on Amazon are good, some are bad, and some are just plain ugly; and it can be difficult to distinguish between those that will save you time and those that will cost you time.

Below we list the 7 best ebooks for the budding entrepreneurs – or, more accurately, for you.

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