Checklist for Promoting Ebooks on Social Media in 2019

If you are a diligent online author who creates content consistently, you can probably accumulate enough material to publish an ebook. It’s a great way to boost your online reputation and earn some money on the side. Plus it’s fast and easy. You can turn your online content into an ebook in one afternoon. Then start promoting your ebook on social media.

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As the entire world is going online, it’s not surprising to learn that content creators sell over 260 million electronic books per year in the US alone. But how can you get your foot in the door with such a huge competition out there? There is no one correct answer, but social media should definitely be the first idea that comes to your mind.

With more than three billion users worldwide, networks like Facebook and Twitter represent by far the most fruitful ebook marketing channel.

In this post, we will give you the ultimate checklist to promote your ebook across social media platforms and we’ll share with you what you can do for each platform specifically.

Across Social Media Platforms

1. Add social share buttons in the ebook app.

It only takes a few seconds before you export your ebook app to add social sharing straight in your ebook. Add Social Media Sharing to Your Ebook: Kotobee

2. Add social share buttons to the landing page.

Your ebook is a digital product and it requires its own landing page. However, you should not forget to add social share buttons to the landing page. These buttons allow visitors to spread the word about your digital book through their own social accounts. If you use WordPress as the content management system, you can find a plethora of social share plugins that make the process simple and effortless.

3. Create hype on your social pages.

You probably administer a number of social accounts already, so why wouldn’t you use them to share quotes and citations from your ebook? It’s a great way to evoke interest among followers and prove that your ebook is worth reading. Besides that, you can add a multimedia component to the quotes to make them more attractive: instead of publishing plain textual content, you can create images or videos to grab the attention of your audience more successfully.

  • Giveaways
  • Polls
  • Discounts

4. Create video teasers.

People love video content, so you should use it to promote your ebook as well. According to the report, 90% of consumers claim that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process. Bearing this in mind, you might as well create short-form teasers or ebook trailers to grab the attention of your target group. It’s enough to produce a 30-second animated video to explain what the book is all about and give users instructions on how to download it.

5. Post in social communities.

Content creators at custom dissertation and online assignment help strongly believe in the power of social groups and communities. They suggest joining the groups that discuss topics closely related to your digital book: “Of course, the goal is to play it delicately as you can’t just enter the community and market your product instantly.”

First of all, you have to earn trust and credibility by participating in group discussions. Once the members recognize you as a reliable and authoritative peer, you can add a link to your ebook, explain what it is, and encourage users to buy it.

6. Ask influencers to talk about it.

Social influencers have become a major force behind digital marketing because people trust their knowledge and expertise. Look for influencers who share your beliefs and target the same type of audience, then ask them to spread the news about the ebook. Sometimes you’ll have to pay for this type of marketing, but the investment pays off in almost all occasions.

checklist to promote ebooks on social media


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms, which makes it an excellent ebook promotion tool.

1. Add link to bio.

Your Instagram user bio is the front you give your readers, so you should make it count. The most basic technique would be to add a link of your ebook to the description in your bio.

2. Tag products.

As for the posts themselves, while a great photo of your ebook can help gain interest, that’s not all they can do. You can tag your ebook as a “product” and help your followers buy straight off of it.

3. Share stories.

Add to that the fact that there are over 500 million daily active users that view and post stories and you get yourself another sales aid. You can add a link to your stories so that users can go there just by pulling up a customized button.

4. Pay for ads and analytics.

By creating ads on Instagram, you can reach more users based on interest and likelihood of them buying your ebook. Not only that, but the analytics feature can help you figure out the perfect time and frequency with which you can post about your ebook.


Twitter is also a highly effective marketing platform, but only if you know how to make use of it properly.

1. Write a good bio.

Coming up with an interesting and intriguing description in your Twitter bio is a great first step to take. But also, just like with Instagram, you can add a link to your ebook sales page.

2. Pin tweets.

Use the pin feature, a tactic that allows you to place a tweet atop of all other posts on your timeline. This tweet will stand out and let the audience know all about your ebook. You can use this tactic to also update your users when it comes to release dates, sequels, or other news regarding your ebook.

3. Use #hashtags.

Hashtag campaigns are the essence of Twitter. Use trending hashtags or create your own. They can either refer to your ebook’s title or a catchphrase, or something unique about your ebook. It will also make it easy for you to track anything your followers have said in relation to your ebook and vice versa.

4. Post frequently.

Users publish over six thousand tweets each second, so you have to ensure maximum visibility of your ebook post. That means you have to keep up a consistent posting pattern to gain interest and exposure.

5. Monitor your tweets.

One of the great things about Twitter is that it can help you monitor your tweets, and with it how information about your ebook is spreading. There are tools that can help you track your tweets, their visibility, and the engagement rate.

6. Pay for ads.

Twitter ads can gain you a lot of exposure. They can help you get more followers, better engagement and promote your tweets. In turn, that can help you spread the word about your ebook and make more sales.


Of all the Social Media platforms mentioned, Facebook takes the lead as the one with the most potential. With 2.38 billion active users, it’s one of the best places to make headway with readers.

1. Create a cover photo/banner.

If you’re going for a personal “author page” then you can change your page’s cover photo into a well-designed cover of your ebook. Or you can go for a quote from it. Remember that the cover photo is the first thing anyone sees when they first enter your profile. Make sure it’s something that will draw people to learn more about your ebook.

2. Consider a dedicated page.

Every project demands full dedication, so you ought to create a special Facebook Page for your ebook exclusively. Make it your own little corner of the online world where you can share news, announce event dates, and discuss ebook topics with the followers. As you probably have other profiles and social pages already, take advantage of it and invite users to join your ebook Facebook Page.

3. Add a tab.

With a dedicated ebook page, you can add a “shop” tab that will lead your readers straight to where they can buy the ebook from.

4. Start a Facebook group.

Unlike with Facebook pages, a Facebook group can help you create a community of readers and fans. This will not only help you promote your ebook, but ensure you get better feedback from your readers on how they’re receiving it. You can also ensure their continued interest by offering them review copies, teasers, and customized book goods.

5. Pay for Facebook ads.

Facebook is a serious contender for the title of the most productive digital advertising platform. Why is this marketing feature so popular? The reason is simple: Facebook Ads give you the chance to target potential ebook readers extremely precisely. In general, you can target three types of audiences:

  • Saved audiences: The first option is to choose your target based on demographic features and interests.
  • Custom audiences: This group consists of users who have already interacted with your digital content, app, or website.
  • Lookalike audiences: The third solution is to target people who are similar to your current customer group.


With billions of daily active users, social media makes for a powerful ebook marketing tool. We found that these were the most effective ways to promote your digital book on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Which is why we thought to share it with you today. Now it’s your turn to make a move and get your ebook out there.


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