Essential Hacks to Become a Great Self-Publisher

Self-publishing is an uphill climb for any self-aware author. In a market space flooded by several publishing houses and authors, going it alone is quite a challenge. Succeeding needs hard work and time learning the ins-and outs of being a self-publisher. In order to sell enough copies, it is essential to understand the market in a manner that is different from the perspective of an author under a publishing house. To become great, every published author learned these hacks.


Write the best book ever

In every endeavor, it is essential to do your best. Writing a book is, therefore, no exception. When writing a book, it is essential to write a book that is a show of one’s best efforts.

Numerous books are poorly written and edited in the publishing arena. A great portion of this work is by self-publishers. Such books have therefore tarnished the whole concept of self-publishers. “Most authors who have published their work on their own have thus faced an uphill task in marketing their books and making their first major profit,” explains Erik Palmer, Marketing Director at Confident Writers.

When writing the first book, it is important to get everything right. Rigors research and good editing is one sure step to writing a great book. The editing, spell checking, formatting, consistency, and plot must be well done. Remember that anyone can be a writer, if you don’t believe that, head onto the Writing Process Explained for Non-Writers and you’ll see what I mean.

Create a market for the book

For a self-publishing author, it is essential to create a platform for the book. The platform should be one that connects you to the readers. According to Amanda Morris, Marketing Analysis Manager at Thesis Writing Service, a surefire way to create a platform for the book is through a website, social media, triggered email responses, and Amazon author pages.

A website is one way to create a fan base. The website should be a one-stop store for everything related to the book. It is a place to create a fan base and build an email list.

Social media is a place to market the book and get people who can pre-order the book before the first batch of the book is printed. Such an audience in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among other social media sites, creates the book promotion that is necessary for the first major sale of a self-published book.

Such an audience is also essential for the marketing of subsequent books. If an author sells a book and the reader enjoys the book, then definitely these readers would want to read something else from this author. Becoming a best seller thus entails writing more than one book. Penning your first book and making it a success is just but the first step to a robust writing career.

Concerning the triggered email list, it is essential for getting readers interested enough to read your first book. Once a writer has got the email list interested in the book or books it is essential to have auto-responder emails to keep them engaged and even make them buy a book.

Moreover, an author could self-publish using Amazon author and book pages. On such pages, it is essential to put a link to the writer’s website and social sites as well as the ISBN of the book. Such details make it easy for buyers to find and buy the book. For more, here are 40 Ideas to Market Your Book.

Pursue book reviews and exposure

Reviews are an essential means of getting readers interested in reading books within any site or store. It is therefore essential for a self-publisher to pursue and maintain positive reviewers. Excellent reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other bookstores improve the visibility of the book to the website visitors.

Take, for example, an instance when a writer contacts eighty people before the launch of the book and ensures that they give positive book reviews. At the launch, if that writer has over thirty reviews, then such sites as Amazon may start recommending the book to its users.

Through the recommendations, the views and sales are bound to increase. Moreover, the websites could contain a call to review the books after the preview. Such a call to review ensures that everybody who visits the site has the opportunity to review the book based on their experience.

Similarly, such independent authors can reach out to other reviewers on Audible, Goodreads, and Amazon for reviews in exchange for complimentary copies of the book. The latter may be tedious, but it is worth the while for determined authors.

Record audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great means of selling a book in this era of advanced technology. It is common to find an online library and electronic book versions today, as compared to the past century where a significant number of the books laid in libraries. Audiobooks are thus a great way of selling a book and helping readers listen to the book while doing almost everything. The trick is to find good narrators and an affordable rate. If you’re still on the fence, here’s Why and How to Convert Your Book to an Audiobook.


Self-publishing is an uphill task. However, through hard work and dedication, self-publishing can prove quite profitable. Some of the essential hacks include writing the best book, proper marketing of the book, recording audiobooks, and pursuing both review and exposure. These hacks promote the book as well as the author.

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