April’s Events for Authors and Publishers [2017]

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It’s no April fools’, but this month is actually racked with an impressive lineup of events targeted for authors and publishers. Maybe they know how much we love spring after a long cold winter, and plan to catch us in a good mood.


This brief article will help you plan what book fairs, publishing events, conferences, workshops and retreats you want to organize your month around, as well as where to find more info on each event.

Book Fairs in April 2017

Bologna Children’s Book Fair
Date: April 3-6
Location: Bologna, Italy
Website: http://www.bookfair.bolognafiere.it/en/home/878.html

Quebec International Book Fair
Date: April 5-9
Location: Quebec, Canada
Website: http://www.silq.ca/

Kazakhstan International Book and Printing Exhibition
Date: April 6-8
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Website: http://bookfair.kz/

Budapest International Book Fair
Date: April 20-23
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Website: http://www.konyvfesztival.com

Buenos Aires Book Fair
Date: April 21 – May 9
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website: https://www.el-libro.org.ar/buenos-aires-book-fair/

Bogota International Book Fair
Date: April 25 – May 8
Location: Bogota, Columbia
Website: http://camlibro.com.co/

Geneva Book and Press Fair
Date: April 26-30
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Website: http://www.salondulivre.ch/fr/

Kuala Lumpur Book Fair
Date: April 27- May 7
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website: http://kualalumpurbookfair.my/

For an infographic list of all the book fairs in 2017, follow the link below:
The Complete International Book Fairs Calendar for 2017

Publishing Events in April 2017

Pulitzer Prize Award
Date: 10th April

The Self-Publishing Conference
Date: 22 April
Location: Lecister, UK

LA Times Festival of Books
Date: 22-23 April
Location: Los Angeles, USA

See the full year’s calendar as a detailed infographic through the link below:
22 Publishing Events not to miss in 2017

Authors’ Workshops and Retreats in April 2017

Iceland Writers Retreat
Date: April 5-9 2017
Location: Iceland
Cost: ISK289,000 (Approx. $2560)

Philadelphia Writing Workshop
Date:April 8 2017
Location: Philadelphia, USA
Cost: $169 + many other optional services

Himalayan Writing Week
Date: April 9-16 & August 20-27 2017
Location: India
Cost: $1000 + 15% (April), $1200 + 15% (August)

Young Adult Fiction
Date: April 10-15 2017
Location: Shropshire, UK
Cost: £760

Write Away
Date: April 22-29 & June 3-17 2017
Location: Paros Island, Greece
Cost: April $1495 / June $2800


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