August’s Events for Authors and Publishers [2017]

This post is outdated. For upcoming retreats, go to International Book Fairs 2020, Writers Conferences 2020 and Writers Retreats Not to Miss

August is that time of the year where everyone is preparing for the new academic year, and with that comes a barrage of interesting discussions of emerging trends. Between book fairs, publishing events, conferences and writers’ retreats, we list 10 top events in August 2017 that matter to authors and publishers across the globe.

Book fairs are great for learning emerging trends

This brief article will help you plan your month around what events you want to (and can) attend, as well as where to find more info on each event.

Book fairs in August 2017

Book fairs are great for learning emerging trends

Beijing International Book Fair
Date: 23 August – 27 August
Location: Beijing, China

Melbourne Writers Festival
Date: 25 August – 3 September
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Ghana International Book Fair
Date: 24 August – 27 August
Location: Accra, Ghana

Biennial Rio Book Fair
Date: 31 August – 10 September
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

For an infographic list of all the book fairs in 2017, follow the link below:
The Complete International Book Fairs Calendar for 2017

Publishing Events in August 2017

Publishing events are great for networking

Travel Writers and Photographers Conference
Date: 10 August – 13 August
Location: Corte Madera, California, USA

Edinburgh International Book Festival
Date: 12 August – 28 August
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Learn more info on each event and see the full year’s calendar as a detailed infographic here:
22 Publishing Events not to miss in 2017

Authors’ Workshops and Retreats in August 2017

Unlock your creative juices with retreats and workshops designed for writers

Master Class Retreat
Date: 29 July – 5 August
Location: Berkshire foothills of Upstate New York, USA
Cost: $1,600

Himalayan Writing Week
Date: 20 August – 27 August
Location: India
Cost: $1,200 + %15

Writing and Yoga Retreat (Women only)
Date: 20 August – 29 August
Location: South of France
Cost: $2,595

Hamlet’s Hideaway
Date: 20 August – 26 August
Location: Hørsholm, Denmark
Cost: $2,500

If you think we missed an important event, let us know in the comments below!

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