10 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Published Books

Every now and then we see a celebrity make a foray into the lands of literature. We’ve seen actors, singers, reality-TV stars and more decide to try their skills at word-crafting and publishing.

10 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Published Books - celebrities who published books

While many fail miserably, a few have emerged victorious, even authoring series of books in some cases. Scroll through this list for some surprising first books by celebrities!

1) Carrie Fisher

celebrities who published books - Carrie Fisher “Postcards from the Edge” (1987)

Postcards from the Edge” (1987) – A novel that touches on some of Fisher’s life’s struggles. It doesn’t really veer off the actress’ experiences in Hollywood either. The story line features an actress battling drug addiction and trying to sort her love life out.

2) Ethan Hawke

celebrities who published books -

The Hottest State” (1996) – Hawke’s first, and so far only, novel deals with a young actor’s relationships and attitudes to life. The storyline might not be that original, but it has gained good reviews from critics. It was later made into a film, also directed by Hawke.

3) Madonna

celebrities who published books -

The English Roses” (2003) – Over the years, the singer has put her fingers in many pies – and children’s literature has been no exception. The first in her series focuses on four girlfriends who don’t want to include another girl into their group – all because they are envious.

4) Steve Martin

celebrities who published books -

Shopgirl” (2000) – Despite his work in comedy, Martin’s debut book is a tale of the dark side of relationships. The storyline focuses on a lonely and depressed shopworker taken out of her middle America background. In Beverley Hills, she navigates her way between a rich womaniser and a slacker.

5) Nicole Richie

celebrities who published books -

The Truth About Diamonds” (2005) – Not the best book out there written by a celebrity, Richie’s book is based loosely on her own life. Featuring Chloe, who ends up working as a spokesmodel, who has to navigate life when her past comes back to haunt her.

6) Hillary Duff

celebrities who published books -

Coauthored “Elixir” (2010) – In the first of a series of books, Duff has made a well-received foray into literature. When Clea’s high-profile surgeon father disappears whilst on a humanitarian mission, she goes out in search of him. The ending has quite a twist to it – but we won’t spoil it for you!

7) Bella Thorne

celebrities who published books -

Autumn Falls” (2014) – Aimed at a younger audience, Thorne’s debut novel is yet another teeny book on the high school experience. Cue Autumn Falls, whose wildest wishes start coming true after writing in a journal that belonged to her late father.

8) Chris Harrison

celebrities who published books -

The Perfect Letter: A Novel” (2015) – Better known for hosting “The Bachelor“, Harrison has made a successful writing debut. And, of course, it’s a story about love and what happens when you fall in love. A simple story that always grabs the readers.

9) Will Smith

celebrities who published books -

Just the Two of Us” (2001) – Like his super-talented family, Will Smith is multi-talented. The first of his books is simply an adaption of one of his songs, translated into children’s book form. Exploring the relationship between a father and son over time, it’s a highly colourful book that will attract all Will Smith fans.

10) James Franco

celebrities who published books -

Palo Alto” (2009) – Like other actors exploring alternative art forms other than acting, James Franco has turned to literature. This relatively short story collection focuses on society’s misfits and troubled characters, featuring teenagers experimenting and seeking relief from life’s drudgery.


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