The Best Books of 2017

At the end of each year, it’s wise to take a look back and see what potentially life-changing reads you could’ve missed. With the endless myriad of publications and opinions, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer volume of choices.

We’ve set this list up to shortlist 18 awesome publications that we’ve personally enjoyed reading over the last year. We hope you enjoy as many of them as you possibly can!

Fiction: My Not So Perfect Life

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Pursuing the life of a young woman who has reinvented her life from living at the family farm to a driven career with a branding agency. Her world is turned upside-down when she gets fired and returns to work at her parents’ camping business.

When her ex-boss and his family appear at the campsite as a customer, she’s bent on exacting revenge, that is until she learns the truth of his situation.

If you enjoyed reading the Shopaholic series, you’re in for a delightful read.

Historical Fiction: A Column of Fire

Author: Ken Follett

In 1558 England, Ned Willard is stuck in the middle of a power struggle between Catholics and Protestants in England. He must choose between friendships and family or loyalty and beliefs.

In this third installment of the Kingsbridge series, Ken Follet again presents a meticulously researched piece of historical fiction. It immerses you in this medieval setting with its masterful storytelling with a number of unique and relatable characters.

A captivating read for both old and new readers of the series.

Science Fiction: Artemis

Author: Andy Weir

From his self-published debut, The Martian, to Artemis, Weir carries on presenting as much valuable scientific within his climatic writing.

This time, we follow lunar-based porter/smuggler, Jazz Bashara, as she inadvertently lands herself in the middle of a conflict for control of the moon’s lone city.

Weir goes into a lot of depth and detail building this lunar tourism city; you’ll definitely emerge knowing more about science while also being entertained by the protagonist’s antics.

Horror: Sleeping Beauties

Authors: Stephen King & Owen King

Co-authored by The King of Horror and his novelist son, this fantastically believable apocalyptic novel is set in the not-too-distant future where a new “plague” puts all the world’s women to sleep inside individual cocoons that you do NOT wish to disturb.

Sprawling across 700+ pages with 70-some characters, this novel will suck you into its American small-town setting where this curse (or blessing?) all started.

In the middle of it all, Evie, a mysterious prisoner, is seemingly unaffected. Is she the cure or the cause? Dr. Clint Norcross, the prison psychiatrist, is bent on solving this violent riddle.

Mystery & Thriller: Origin

Author: Dan Brown

In the fifth installment of Robert Langdon’s adventures, he’s on hand to witness the assassination of his former student as he’s about to drop a shocking announcement about his findings on modern religion. He then pursues a trail of clues to unlock the deceased’s laptop and access his findings.

While it was met with mixed reviews from some pundits, Dan Brown’s 200+ million sales record speaks for itself. If you’re a fan of Langdon, you’ll love it.

Fantasy: A Conjuring of Light

Author: V.E. Schwab

In the third installment into this absolutely rich and absorbing world. Follow Lila Bard and the other heroes of the saga in an epic battle of monstrous proportions against Osaron. Desperate maneuvers, magical battles, and selfless sacrifices make this a thrilling read.

A must-have for collectors and a must-read for all fantasy fans.

YA Fantasy: Lord of Shadows

Author: Cassandra Clare

Embark on a journey with a pair of Shadowhunters tasked with finding the fabled Black Volume of the Dead. Fellow warrior partners, Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, must resist the urge of falling for each other as they’re sworn to fight and die together but are forbidden from falling in love.

In this richly layered second installment, follow the Blackthorns as they meander around challenges from Downworlders, Cohort members, Faeries and the Seelie Queen to bring peace to their people.

You can preorder the third installment, coming out this year, through this link.

YA Fiction: Turtles All the Way Down

Author: John Green

Green, who previously wrote the masterpiece The Fault in Our Stars, leads us on a trail of mystery as 16-year-old Aza decides to unravel the puzzle of a fugitive billionaire.

You’ll enjoy a highly relatable and emotional adventure as Aza and her best friend Daisy continue to seek their $100,000 reward.

Graphic Novels: Big Mushy Happy Lump

Author: Sarah Andersen

This comic and illustrated personal essays collection takes you on a continuation of the roller-coaster ride of young adults faring with the massive onslaught of new responsibilities being dumped on them.

From budgeting to burglary through self-esteem, self-development and more, you’ll come across loads of relatable comics that you can reflect on to further your own life while earning a hearty laugh in the process.

Poetry: The Sun and Her Flowers

Author: Rupi Kaur

From the author of Milk and Honey, Kaur recently released her second collection of poetry to meet much anticipation.

Heavily referencing garden metaphors, she relates humans to flowers who must grow, wilt, fall, root, rise and bloom only to wilt again, coming back stronger each time.

Full of witty lines and inspiring illustrations, this book makes for a simple yet eloquent read.

Autobiography: What Happened

Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton

What happened? No, seriously, we all want to know how you were brushed aside, out of your own backyard to make way for a businessman-turned reality TV star with no prior experience in politics.

Was it due to an underlying misogynistic culture? Perhaps it was the Russian hackers, WikiLeaks or her personal server. Let’s see what Clinton believes happened as the whole world is still reeling from the results of the latest American presidential elections.

Humor: I Can’t Make This Up

Author: Kevin Hart & Neil Strauss

Hilarious funny bone-tickler, Kevin Hart, guides us through a comical and rather unbelievable story of his unlikely rise from an impoverished home with a troubled father, strict mother and drug-dealing brother to become one of the top comedians of his day, with films that have grossed a total of more than $3.5 BILLION.

Enjoy the lessons provided on life, relationships, parenting, and success. Do we need to say more? As unbelievable as it may seem sometimes, he can’t make this up.

Science & Technology: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Author: Neil deGrasse Tyson

While you embark on your daily commute to and from work, or while you’re waiting for your meal, why don’t you take a minute to learn more of the vast expanse of space and stars around you?

In this science-for-all publication, Tyson teaches us more about the universe we live in, as we hurtle through space on a chunk of dirt and water at the break-neck speed of 460 meters per second, or 1000 miles per hour.

Prepare yourself to be fluent enough in the Big Bang theory, black holes, quarks, quantum mechanics, search for extraterrestrial planets and life to hold a solidly opinionated conversation with your mates.

History & Biography: Killers of the Flower Moon

Author: David Grann

By the 1920s, the native American Osage Nation had been forcibly relocated to Oklahoma and when oil was discovered, it turned out they were now living on top of a land that was full of it! This led to a large number of Osage natives to become among the wealthiest individuals in the world.

This status-quo was doomed to fall apart as greedy white settlers resorted to several underhanded-techniques to force the ownership of the land away from native hands, culminating in a series of murders.

You’ll be unable to put this one down as you flip through the FBI’s struggle to locate and apprehend the perpetrators as local law enforcement remain idle and corruptible.

Self-help: How to Be a Bawse

Author: Lilly Singh

A collection of motivational essays that exhibit how popular YouTuber, Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII, became a big success with millions of followers. With the massive audience of 12.7 million YouTube subscribers, 7 million Instagram followers and many others listening, IISuperwomanII dishes out her story of success and how it can be emulated.

From easier lessons on the importance of scheduling time for getting inspired, to more complex issues as setting up multiple revenue streams and communication channels, Singh tells all she can on how to be more than just a boss.. a BAWSE.

Food & Cookbooks: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Author: Ree Drummond

#1 New York Times bestselling author and Food Network star, Ree Drummond, continues mesmerizing us with mouth-watering recipes that are easy and fast to make.

This 6th foray into the series focuses on readers with little time to cook, and perhaps limited expertise too. Guaranteed to deliver delicious meals from your stove to your dining table in record time.

Do you think we missed any crucial publications in 2017? How about some honorable mentions? Let us know what you enjoyed reading last year in the comments below.

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