The Writer and The Publishing House: What’s After The Writing?

what comes after you're done writing your book? Publishing

In this article I’m going to talk about the author and the general steps followed for producing and publishing an ebook. Each step of the  production process is crucial, each detail can have a sizable impact on the final product, from finding the right proofreader through to designing a great book cover to attract your first readers, and of course, a well structured text. So let’s get started!


Once the author has finished his story, whatever be the content he proposed to write, it would be important for someone to look it over. It can be a friend, a teacher, or even a family member, or even better: a professional who will highlight all the positive and negative points and suggest some changes throughout the text. And seeing all the possible changes in the text is not a bad thing; actually, it can be a good thing too! It means the author is  improving his writing, being more objective and effective in his work.

proof reading your writing

Approaching the publisher

Now it’s time to send the book to a publisher. Many authors send their book to as many publishers as they can. This could result in a big waste of time. Before sending the book to any publisher, the author must try to select those that publish content that is similar or overlapping of his own book. Then select up to 5 publishers, be selective of those with a higher chance of accepting or replying, and wait for their answer. Please, be patient!

Each publisher has their own way to produce ebooks. Usually the first step is to review the story. The words and expression must be according to the reading public, and the name of the chapters and subtitles must be clear, expressing the right information.

The next step is the format of your ebook: will it be fixed layout? Or a reflowable one? Now the editor must decide this question, along with several others, such as the design of the ebook. Also, the editor must think about the audience of the ebook; who is going to read the story? Is it a children’s book? Is it fiction? Romance? What type of font will be used in the ebook? Does it have pictures? What kind of pictures? To answer all these questions and so many others, the editor must know the readers’ reading habits, and what the ebook is about. Then you can begin to produce the ebook.

publishing your ebook

At this time the author can hardly wait to hear about how his ebook is coming. While the ebook is being produced, the author can begin to bombard their networks, along with a multitude of online platforms, about their upcoming ebooks.

Judge a book by its cover

An important step of production is how the book cover will look. As we know, the book cover is the image of your ebook, and the first thing that will attract the readers to know more about the story. Every detail and element can’t be neglected; the type and size of the fonts must be in harmony with the genre of the story. To create a great book cover, the designer must harmonize three things: image, type of font and its size.

After a few weeks or even a month, the ebook will be finalized and ready to be published. This is the time to celebrate! Both author and publisher did a great job. Well done to you all! But… it’s not over yet! Yeah, there’s something more. Last but not least, author and publisher need to market and promote the ebook. And that’s how all stories come to us.

Listen to the feedback

We can include one more thing, which is sometimes skipped: author and publisher need to hear the feedback, what is good and not so good in the ebook. The feedback will allow Author and Publish House to do a better work for the future.

listen to feedback regarding your ebook

Next step? Write a new story! Let’s begin.

What do you do or think should be done after you finish writing your ebook? Share with us in the comments below.

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    • Tiago Soriano

      July 19, 2017

      It’s good to hear your words, Cristy Jones! When the author finishes his/her work, the story is just beginning. And usually the Publish House make all this process with 5, 6 or more ebooks in a month. And we love to do it.

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