Author: Ester Brierley

Ester Brierley is a QA Engineer in software outsourcing company and a competent virtual assistant. Enjoys creative writing and blogging about cutting-edge digital (and lifestyle) trends. Follow her on Twitter.

10 Best Podcasts for Writers and Self-Publishers

If you still haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon and are wondering what the craze is all about, I’ll tell you. Podcasts make us feel good.  They entertain us while we do mundane tasks that we dread. Sometimes, we listen to pass time. Other times, we do it because it gives us the same feeling as a good workout at the gym—refreshed, optimistic, and energized (but without the sweat). Podcasts teach us something new and we gain a new outlook because of it.

10 Best Podcasts for Writers and SelfPublishers blog

We listen to podcasts on anything, from knitting to fitness, to enterprise management. There are more than 550,000 podcasts on iTunes, which also means more than 50 billion episodes. And, iTunes isn’t the only place you can find podcasts. They are also available on Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and other platforms. According to statistics, 124 million Americans have listened to podcasts, and 48 million of them do it on a weekly basis.

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