10 Best Podcasts for Writers and Self-Publishers

If you still haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon and are wondering what the craze is all about, I’ll tell you. Podcasts make us feel good.  They entertain us while we do mundane tasks that we dread. Sometimes, we listen to pass time. Other times, we do it because it gives us the same feeling as a good workout at the gym—refreshed, optimistic, and energized (but without the sweat). Podcasts teach us something new and we gain a new outlook because of it.

10 Best Podcasts for Writers and SelfPublishers blog

We listen to podcasts on anything, from knitting to fitness, to enterprise management. There are more than 550,000 podcasts on iTunes, which also means more than 50 billion episodes. And, iTunes isn’t the only place you can find podcasts. They are also available on Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and other platforms. According to statistics, 124 million Americans have listened to podcasts, and 48 million of them do it on a weekly basis.

So the question poses itself: are there any good podcasts for writers? With billions of episodes out there, surely there’s a few thousand for writers. But how will you find the good ones? That’s what we’re here for, to tell you about the good ones. Today we’re bringing to you what we think are the ten best podcasts for writers.

Benefits of Listening to Podcasts for Writers and Self-Publishers

Beyond that podcasts are fun and don’t take as much time as listening to a whole audiobook. There are podcasts for everyone: creative writing podcasts, fantasy writing podcasts, author podcasts, blogger podcasts, and more.

Stephen King appears in podcasts on a regular basis, discussing his books or sharing his experience with the audience.

There are also podcasts specifically for self-publishers, which will help you learn about the best self-publishing marketplaces and provide you with fresh branding ideas.

Because every episode is devoted to a specific topic which can be discussed within a limited amount of time, they can be short and not take time to hear.

Most podcast hosts have scripts; however, the interview format means that they often must go off-script in order to keep the conversation interesting for listeners. “If you’re a writer who wants to improve your dialogues, you may learn a lot from podcasts because they are pure conversations, without body talk,” explains Jane Winn, writer at College Writers.

Interviews with writers can provide you with fresh ideas and inspiration. Listening to podcasts, you can learn the latest trends in the writing industry and get a better understanding of what you should do to succeed.

Without further ado, here’s our list.

10 Best Podcasts for Writers and Self-Publishers

authority podcast1. Authority Self Publishing
Hosts of this podcast are bestselling authors and entrepreneurs (Barrie Davenport, Steve Scott, and Ron Clendenin). This podcast focuses on strategies of Amazon Kindle publishing and provides numerous marketing tactics that will help you promote your books more effectively. Every episode is about 30 minutes long, and new episodes are recorded every Monday and Thursday.

creative penn podcast2. The Creative Penn Podcast
This podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life and hosted by Joanna Penn. There are many interviews with authors, as well as episodes about publishing, coaching, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. The Creative Penn website is extremely popular among writers from different countries, and many people who listen to it agree that it’s a very helpful podcast for self-published authors. There are more than 300 episodes already, and new episodes are available every Monday.

r&w podcast3. Reading and Writing Podcast
This podcast will be appreciated by both readers and writers. Every episode includes an interview with a successful writer. There are more than 200 episodes with writers from such genres as science fiction, horror, mystery, romance, etc.

self-publishing podcast4. Self-Publishing School
Hosted by Chandler Bolt, this podcast covers a variety of topics, including writing a book, launching it, and turning it into your source of income. You will also learn how to use books to scale business of any kind and hear interviews with such guests as Gary Vaynerchuk, Joanna Penn, Pat Flynn, Jeff Walker, etc.

rainmaker podcast5. The Writer Files The host of this podcast, Kelton Reid, considers the processes and habits of different writers, providing you with great ideas on how to boost your creativity and productivity. There are episodes about thriller writers, poets, screenwriters, and other authors, with detailed insights into their processes.

sell more books6. The Sell More Books Show
This podcast is hosted by Brynn Cohen, an author with more than 30 books, and Jim Kukral, an award-winning web marketer. In every episode, you will learn new trends in self-publishing, along with tips on marketing and independent bookselling. The hosts have a lot of experience in this business, so you’ll certainly appreciate their advice.

fuller podcast7. Writer 2.0
A.C. Fuller, who hosts this podcast, is a reputable and well-known name in the book industry. He also taught at NYU so you can learn a lot from this podcast. Every episode includes lots of actionable ideas and interviews with interesting guests.

podcast8. The Side Hustle Show
Many modern authors write books in order to promote their business and personal brand. The host of this show, Nick Loper, created this podcast specifically for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for useful tips and ideas that will help them start their business and turn their side hustle into the main source of income.

writing podcast9. Writing Excuses
This is an educational podcast for writers created by writers. Every episode focuses on practical writing tips that will help you improve your writing and find your unique style. There are 13 seasons of this podcast already, episodes are 15-25 minutes long and contain a lot of information.

10. 88 Cups of Tea
Yin Chang, the host of this podcast, invites authors from various genres, editors, literary agents, and other professionals. This podcast is a great source of inspiration. Here you can get valuable career advice and learn many secrets that will make you a better writer.


Podcasts are popular for a reason: they give you an opportunity to learn something new while commuting to work or having your lunch. And there are many great podcasts for writers and self-publishers that will provide you with writing tips and advice on how to publish and promote your books, making your passion more profitable. Why don’t you start today?


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