Author: Marija Kojic

Marija Kojic is an editor at UK AssignYourWriter and productivity expert specialized in time management techniques. She works at Clockify, where she enjoys helping people discover meaningful and effective ways to work smarter.

6 Lessons From the Most Beloved Instagram Books

If there’s one thing we can safely state, it’s that writing advice can be found in droves all over the internet. Plenty of resources focus on what should be done and how. To ensure maximum productivity and creativity, we can sometimes forget it’s also good to learn by observing. One of the best phenomena to observe would be popular Instagram books.

Instagram books

In the following article, we will take a look at four successful authors and cartoonists, and what made them so wildly popular. Not necessarily through books sold, but through the impact they had online. What ties them together? They garnered impressive Instagram numbers, yet with wildly different content. Continue Reading