Book Fairs in November 2017

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As we’re reaching the end of another year, many dedicated individuals and communities are preparing their plans for next years’ book fairs, conferences, workshops, writing retreats, publishing events, and so on. Whether you’re planning to attend or host any such events, you’d need to stay in the loop.

However, this year isn’t over yet! Scroll down to see this month’s top book fairs around the world, and don’t miss our important announcement at the bottom of the article!

Book fairs in November 2017

Algeria Book Fair

Date: 26 October – 5 November
Location: Algiers, Algeria

Santiago International Book Fair

Date: 26 October – 12 November
Location: Santiago, Chile

Sharjah International Book Fair

Date: 1 November – 11 November
Location: Sharjah, UAE

Venezuela International Book Fair

Date: 3 November – 13 November
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Texas Book Festival

Date: 4 November – 5 November
Location: Texas, USA

Kuwait International Arabic Books Exhibition

Date: 11 November – 3 December
Location: Kuwait

Miami Book Fair

Date: 12 November – 19 November
Location: Miami, USA

Salon de Livre de Montreal

Date: 15 November – 20 November
Location: Montreal, Canada

Guadalajara International Book Fair

Date: 25 November – 3 December
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Beirut International Book Fair

Date: 27 November – 10 December
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

This year has been very busy, as digital and traditional publishing are coming to terms with peaceful co-existence, along with the increased use of digital content in elearning and education. But will next year be any quieter?

We’re currently working on our lists for 2018’s top workshops, conferences, writing retreats, book fairs and publishing events. If you know of any events you feel should be included (or if you’re hosting), let us know in the comments below or tweet to us here with #KotobeeEvents18, so we can include them in the upcoming editions.

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