7 Tips to Make the Most out of Existing Content

For newbie writers and bloggers, the focus on creating fresh and frequent content sometimes means we do not make the most out of existing content. We generate creative ideas, but then our ideas go undiscovered. Or we focus on the perfect selection of every word, but then our words go unread. It can be frustrating and discouraging to have valuable content under-utilized and under-read.

After we put in time and resources towards generating great and quality content for our online platforms, we are faced with the “what next” question for our content. Do we just leave this content in our article archives and have it rot away? What do we do if it doesn’t engage enough users as we wanted it to?

existing content

Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing and building a strong content strategy for your website or blog can be difficult. So, we’ve prepared for you a brief summary of the most effective aspects of content strategy and 7 practical tips so you can make the most out of your existing content.

Why Content Strategy?

Content is a part of our business. The story we try to sell to our website’s visitors. The story we use to engage those who know less of what we offer. The story we apply to gain new website visitors or improve on our sales numbers.

This means we can’t just drop anything online and expect it to bang or do exactly what we have intended. When it comes to content management, we need to always put out something that’ll bring the organic conversion that we seek.

The truth is your website has only the first 5 seconds to capture your visitors’ interest. The best way to know how to go about your website content is being able to relate your position as the content creator and the content consumer reader.

Check the structure of the articles, speeches, and books that you’ve stumbled upon. their introductions and how the initial exposure to that content determined when your interest was struck and when it wasn’t. With content we need to understand that time is a huge factor, this is why we can easily employ the efforts of an SEO agency to help beat the competition within our industry.

To successfully make your content stand out and hit those numbers again you need to revisit your SEO strategy on all your articles. Content creation isn’t the only thing you need to better improve your website’s engagement. But when you strategically deploy content marketing, you can easily deliver the organic traffic that you need.

Having the aforementioned knowledge means you need to create an SEO strategy when reworking your content. Being able to rework your content to match your newest audience and also meet up with the latest digital marketing trends will have you paying attention to the following:

Target Persona

Research your target audience deeply to help you understand the type of content you need to put out there that will easily impress them. Go ahead and create a generalized concept about their needs, behaviors, and concerns associated with your niche industry to serve as a guide when creating content.

Search Keywords

Getting to know more about your niche will give you the necessary knowledge to better understand the kind of words that are related to your products and services. When you are armed with this knowledge, you can then strategize on how to deploy these keywords into your content to help improve your search visibility.

Types of Content

The types of content range from social media posts to email marketing, blogs, ebooks, mobile content, webinars, podcasts, videos, print magazine, infographic, press releases, news, etc. The information you’ve gathered from your target personas will help you track down the kind of content your audience will easily engage with.

Website Style

Good thing you already have a business website and you are looking at how to rework your existing content. During this process, try to stick with your website style which is something that you are doing uniquely on your platform that your users already relate to. If there’s no style, you can easily start creating one with this remodeling opportunity. There’s also more to how you can use your website, you can Sell Books on WordPress with the WooCommerce Plugin.

Post Frequency

Based on the type of content you’re posting, you should stick to a particular frequency for when to let a post go live. It’s necessary to note that without a consistent and strategic schedule, your audience wouldn’t know when to expect something new from you. As such you can miss out on the best time to attract your target audience and lose out on organic conversion.

If your goal is to drive organic traffic, you can easily work with an SEO agency to better strategize on what specific methods to deploy in reworking your existing content. And if you have good enough content on your website/blog, you can even Turn Your Blog Posts into an Ebook in Minutes.

Top 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Existing Content

Before you look towards recreating your existing content you need to specify and understand what goal you are trying to achieve. Do you want to republish some content as a way to break down the information in it?  Do you want to use it as a medium to target a different set of audience? Or you simply don’t want the information in that content to be lost in the pile of posts you’ve created.

All content creation and marketing strategies have something they’re created to achieve which is usually the bedrock through which success of a campaign is measured. This means it is easy to engage yourself in strategic content marketing, but without a goal to help mark the success of a strategy, you are really just putting out lots of resources without a purpose.

Listed below are different ways where one can easily get the most out of existing content on your business platform.  

1. Add Visuals. 

Infographics do look good on white paper! Understand your target market enough to know if switching your existing content to incorporate more graphical displays than words will better help you engage with them. If this is the case, you would want to ensure you are using the right graphical display and the right keywords in our infographics. But visuals don’t stop at infographics, there are other displays that can play a great role in gripping a reader’s attention, such as interactive media, simple photographs and illustrations as well as videos. For more on images using images in your ebook, The Ebook Author’s Guide To Images will tell you all you need to know.

2. Render Your Content Differently. 

Your existing content can serve as an inspiration to help generate podcasts, videos, ebooks, newsletters, etc. or can easily be used as a redirection tool from an error page on your website. When you engage your audience differently, you get to give them an alternative way to get some information they must have missed. And this would give your written content an easier way to attract an even wider audience.   

3. Learn from Your Readers’ Comments. 

Referencing the comments section of your existing content can feed you new ideas on how to manage your content. Additionally, it can give you directions on how to generate new content from the existing post.

This is as a result of your readers using the comment section to ask questions, or let you know how good or bad they felt your post was. You, in turn, can use said information and feedback to work on how you render content from a fresh perspective.  You can even ask for your readers’ opinion on how to improve your work with a feedback form, here’s How to Add a Feedback Form to Your Ebook.

4. Link to Old Content. 

If you are including SEO as a part of your strategy, links to existing content within another blog post can serve as a necessary tool. It helps by giving you keywords between posts that can clarify a certain paragraph of content through links to additional information.

It’ll also improve visitors’ engagement time within your website as they can easily navigate and explore other pages within your platform which helps improve search engine visibility.  

5. Create Separate Topics.

You can take a really lengthy topic and split the content. This will help you build new ideas to help expand and take a closer look at each information in the original posts.  

6. Update Content Information. 

This is the best and only way to demonstrate maintenance towards the content you post on your site. You can find new information about the topics you’ve already covered and published. Instead of leaving your content to become archaic, you can update it and make it stay ever-relevant.

7. Reword Your Existing Content Titles. 

At one time a title may be relevant to a topic and within the next digital marketing trend, it is now irrelevant. Titles can easily be recreated by using Magento development to get analytics on titles from old content. This insight will help you discover which blog title received the most clicks and which titles need to be edited to better serve the purpose of your content strategy.


The tips above will help you achieve an easy breakdown of your existing content and to understand how you can get the most out of them instead of trashing or ignoring them in a pile. It is currently a necessity to review your blog archive to find information that has been lost to the eye and make an exemplary content out of it.

You can start by inserting new visuals, update any old information you find or use a Magento development platform to keep tracks of your analytics. Piece it together and ensure that your new strategy is delivering the necessary numbers that were expected of it.

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