4 Ways to Publish and Sell Your Ebooks in One Day

We’ve covered direct sales to the major ebook retailers and sales via growingly popular aggregators who take care of distributing your ebook to multiple retailers and libraries. Today we’ll share with you sales channels that writers are using to sell ebooks and maximize profits instantly.

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Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, those are the first companies that come to mind when you think of selling your ebook. But the thing is, while these may be the most widely known, they’re not the fastest nor the most profitable ones, which is why we’re going to introduce you to other channels.

Where to Sell Your Ebook

The first question that would come to mind is where can you sell ebooks if not the usual sales channels. Believe it or not, there are numerous options to choose from. What’s great is that these channels offer you more autonomy and a higher profit margin.

Blog or website

The best thing about your blog or website is that your visitors are also your biggest fans and customers. Plus your website represents your brand or you as a person, which makes it an important tool at your disposal. Make the purchase easy for them and sell your ebook directly off your blog or website. In a moment we’ll tell you a quick and easy way to do it.

Social media

While social media isn’t as straightforward as a blog or website when it comes to making sales, it’s still a very viable option. Influencers naturally find their greatest sales come from social media. For some, it’s Facebook. For others, Instagram can make for great direct links to download websites as well.

Online shops

E-commerce websites help you set up online shops where you can sell your merchandise with ease, and the same can be said of ebooks and ebook apps. With the help of e-commerce websites or facilitators such as Shopify, you can get your ebooks out there and make money off them. Etsy, you may know this particular website as one where people can sell handmade crafts, but the products have evolved. People have been using it to sell printable products, designs, and even ebooks, so it’s really a great sales option.


Conversational commerce is one of the biggest crazes these days when it comes to any business starting up or established, so it makes sense for it to be also be involved in the sale of ebooks as well. With a well-developed chatbot, you can start selling ebooks right off the bot.

How to Sell Your Ebook

As promised we’ll now tell you how you can easily start selling your ebook straight from your website or blog.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are sales facilitators take care of the financial transaction for you on any online sales, whether your blog, website or social media. You probably know them already, companies like Paypal and WooCommerce. Basically, any of the popular payment gateways these days can drive sales and increase download rates. Use the Kotobee WooCommerce WordPress Plugin to start selling your Kotobee Cloud Ebooks and Libraries.


While the aforementioned are great for one-time payments, if you’re looking to collect a subscription, whether for a textbook, eZine, or serial book, you’ll need another alternative. Companies, like Memberful, help you create a subscription plan, give it a recurring or one-time price, and share its link so users can subscribe and make the payment easily. Just like WooCommerce, you can use Kotobee’s Memberful WordPress Plugin to collect subscription payments on your Kotobee Cloud Ebooks and Libraries.

Capitalize on Your Talent

Here’s the thing, all of the aforementioned methods are only useful after you’re done with your ebook. What about if you want to focus on writing your ebook without having to keep another job? It’s hard balancing both, so you want to find a way to get some extra income without having to work so much. Maybe you can even focus solely on writing while getting paid, and yes, there’s a way to do that.

I’m sure you’ve heard of kickstarting campaigns, helping people that need money for a project make enough money to reach their goal. But did you know that can actually include your very own writing? If you have a great online presence and a voice that resonates with people in whatever form you write or appear on social media in, you can use that to get people to your side and have them donate to your cause, and yes focusing on your craft is a cause. Donations can help you stay focused on your work to get your ebook out there, and there are so many online platforms that can help you do that, such as Patreon, Kickstarter and Buy Me a Coffee.


In conclusion, selling your ebook isn’t as hard as you may think. There are so many ways to get creative in making money when selling your ebooks, so take advantage of them, make more money, and keep on writing!


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