Convert a Word Document to EPUB or MOBI in Minutes

Whether you are a prolific author, an independent blogger or a content creator for a large international firm, chances are that you work with text most of the time. While text editors such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word offer a lot of flexibility and creative freedom in terms of shaping your text, the same cannot be said about their export capabilities. Reading a doc file on a mobile device is not nearly as enjoyable as an EPUB or MOBI file.

epub or mobi

Devices such as Kindle readers and smart tablets which operate on Android and iOS systems are prone to cause unpleasant reading experiences when it comes to PDF or Word documents. These file systems are simply not designed to offer extended reading comfort, something which is more than a possibility with EPUB and MOBI formats. But how do you go about converting your files into these file types if you don’t have the necessary software or the know-how to do so?

Advantages of Ebook Formats

Converting your written content into other file types is straightforward and relatively easy. Before we get into it, it’s worth knowing why you should convert your files to EPUB or MOBI in the first place. If you’re still considering other formats read The Beginner’s Guide to Ebook Formats.

Digital and print-free

The most obvious reason to opt for EPUB and MOBI is that they are solely digital formats. You can publish books, articles and all sorts of creative writing content without the need to print anything. This can save a lot of money, shipping costs and the time it takes to deliver your written product to the readers.

Device-responsive format

Publishing your content in EPUB or MOBI will mean that anyone who downloads your writing will be able to read it properly. These formats scale and adjust depending on the type of device they are used on – think different models of Kindle and their screen sizes. You can even drive this point further if you choose to edit and format your content through a platform such as before publishing the writing, making it even easier to read.

User-friendly notes

Given the digital nature of EPUB and MOBI, interactive options for the reader are a given. Anyone who chooses to read your writing will be able to jot down notes, scribble around the text and mark it up in whatever way they see fit. This allows for an even more enjoyable reading experience given the freedom that the formats provide to end users.

Multimedia ready

Lastly, EPUB and MOBI formats are completely multimedia-ready. You can integrate audio files, videos, and animation into their files if you choose to do so. This can enhance the reading experience and make your points much clearer and more understandable to a wider audience.

Converting Word to EPUB and MOBI

Now that we have a better understanding of why digital ebook formats are a great alternative to Word files in terms of digital publishing, let’s talk about the conversion process. Once you have finalized your writing and are ready to publish your content for distribution, you can proceed to the following steps:

1. Get Kotobee Author.

Make sure to download the Kotobee Author for your operating system and get a free license. Install the application and start it up. You can also ask for a live demo to get a better idea of its ebook creation and publishing capabilities. The platform is versatile enough to allow a plethora of publishing options for different formats.

2. Import your Word document.

Import your Word document into the Kotobee interface and make any adjustments to your text. This is the perfect chance to add interactive content to your ebook. You can even add question popups and 3D elements if you choose to do so—take your time and let loose with your creativity.

3. Export your ebook.

Once you are satisfied with the preview of your EPUB or MOBI file, you can proceed to the export option and choose a corresponding file type. Kotobee allows you to export the content into multiple formats, in addition to EPUB and MOBI, there is PDF, and web, desktop, and mobile apps to name a few. These can lead to new publishing opportunities so make sure to check them out.


While not omnipotent, EPUB and MOBI formats are a great gateway to independent digital publishing. They can help you cut back the costs of being a writer significantly which will help you raise your overall revenue as a result.

Write your texts in whichever text editor is comfortable for you. Once you do, software platforms such as Kotobee will be readily available to you for ebook publishing.


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