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Alice in EPUB-Land: Understanding the EPUB Format


EPUB is boring—there I’ve said it. To make it sound even worse, we’re running a company building EPUB authoring tools for several years. Try Googling what is EPUB format and you’ll find yourself buried alive under IDPF pages of complex definitions and terminologies about EPUB—something that will basically give you a nightmare.

There seriously aren’t many good online resources explaining EPUB format in a simple way, and that’s what makes it boring. It’s unfair because EPUB format should not be boring—it actually solves a lot of problems with digital publishing. And it shouldn’t take a tech-savvy to like it, let alone understand it.

We thought we’d spice things up, and explain the EPUB format metaphorically in the easiest way possible. We will explain the anatomy of an EPUB format’s file structure, if you look inside. To make it stick, this will be as visual as possible: a variation of Alice in Wonderland.

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