6 Writing Careers to Go for in 2019

Being a writer in this day and age has become a lucrative prospect. That’s because the internet has brought a lot of new possibilities to the table. We’re no longer bound by choosing between the traditional routes of writing books or being journalists, there’s more out there for any fellow writer.

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So, if you’re a writer whose ultimate goal isn’t to write the next bestseller, what else is out there? There’s a lot you can do actually. Some jobs may gain you recognition within the field, while others mainly help you get financial security. But in both cases, you’ll get to do what you love, i.e. write and grow both in confidence and skill. There are also several platforms like Jooble where you can find excellent writing job opportunities

Here are some interesting writing talents that you can surely choose as a writing path to follow. 

1. Copywriter

Copywriters are apparently some of the best-paid writers in the entire writing business. A good marketing text also referred to as a “copy” can relatively sell more than a mediocre text. Therefore, good copywriters get paid a fortune just to write a simple line to skyrocket in the targeted markets. 

However, if your ultimate goal as a writer is to reach a particular level of fame, this might not be the path for you. Copywriters work behind the scenes for particular brands. Their main aim is to gain traction within the field and the satisfaction of creating a successful campaign.

To be a copywriter, however, you need to have a vibrant personality. You need to be someone who can invoke interest and enthusiasm about the product you are about to market. No matter what it is or your attachment to it.

Professional copywriters working for known marketing agencies charge around a dollar per word on average. 

2. Game Writer

Game writers are professional writers who specialize in the art of scriptwriting, only for games. These guys are responsible for creating the plot and character dialogues, describing the environment, and the game functionality, and coming up with the instructions. This work is usually done in collaboration with the developers.

Writing artists and developers are interconnected with each other right from the get-go as writers are not just writing a blog post; instead, they have a lot to consider within the game. From playability, action curves, and smoothness, to the plot, etc. 

Hardcore gamers are known to have good fortune which they are normally more than happy to spend on games. Hence, in order for writers to entice them with remarkable game content, they must work hard to polish up the content to perfection. 

As far as the payments are concerned, they get their fair share of in-game royalties. 

3. Grant Writer

Grant writers are a class apart from the rest. They are highly specialized and super-skilled writers who write grant applications for startups. Their aim is to convince governmental and private institutions to hand out cash as grants to people so they can launch their startups and run businesses.  

Writing grant applications mostly requires one to have substantial knowledge of the law and be well-versed in the business language. If an application written for a grant gets accepted, the business reaps a good profit. 

Staff writers who are skilled in writing grant applications can often ask businesses to set aside a percentage of what they receive in payment. Many grant writers are actually lawyers who have a good command of language and deep knowledge of the field.

4. Reviewer

Reviewers are known for their commendable knowledge of a particular subject. They are tasked with different responsibilities such as reviewing movies, cars, books, computer models, etc.

When it comes to reviews, you need to have keen observational skills because you will be reviewing other people’s content. These can come in the form of ebooks, product descriptions, informative content, personal gigs, etc. 

The pay for freelance reviews is not much but you can still make a good name for yourself within the field. You make better than an average editor in the market but being a reviewer is relatively better than a writer. 

5. Staff Writer

Staff writers are specific writers who work full-time and that’s what makes them the perfect fit for businesses such as newspapers, magazines, marketing agencies, and publishing houses. Staff writing is a full-time job, meaning it comes with job security. However, the negative point here is that you are bound as a staff writer. 

As a staff writer, you don’t have the liberty to write on your own. Instead, you will be told what you have to write and what you can’t write. Meeting deadlines will become highly important to make sure your job stays. 

Also, everything that you do as a staff writer becomes your company’s property. On the bright side, you get the chance to work with other professionals within your company, which will keep you highly motivated and help you gain experience. 

6. Technical Writer

Even though writing user manuals and creating system documentation can be a cumbersome task, nowadays almost every other software product requires technical documents to explain how it works. Technical writers are well-versed individuals in the software field and can help you with that. 

Taking the career path of a technical writer may not excite you much; yet, it is quite a lucrative one that definitely pays well. A good web design agency or software agency will pay twice the average rate. 

It requires the individual to have a professional level of knowledge and relevant information on the product. Most technical writers are often hired as staff writers and they require some teaching skills. If you have a knack for educating people and have a software background, this can be an amazing job for you. 


There are countless opportunities for writers out there. There are no more constraints or limitations when it comes to writing careers. Writing can now lead you to many career paths, and the best thing about it is that you can work anywhere you want. Not only that, it ignites your creativity and altogether contributes to making you more knowledgeable.

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