Kotobee v1.5.9: New Release, New Features

A new Kotobee release is upon us and it brought a lot of advanced features with it. Kotobee v1.5.9 includes great new features and improvements to the entire Kotobee platform that will serve authors, institutes, and business owners.

Kotobee v1.5.9

Let’s take a look at some of the new features now available.

Shopify Plugin


One of the most requested features is finally available, and that’s the Shopify plugin. This new integration with Shopify will allow you to link your cloud or library ebooks to Shopify products and add them to your online storefront to help increase your sales.

Team Collaboration with More Permissions

Share Permissions

This feature already existed for Kotobee Library, and now it’s available for both hosted ebooks as well as cloud ebooks. This feature allows you to share authoring access to your hosted ebooks and cloud ebooks with other members of your team to allow co-authoring and collaboration. The choice will now be up to you.

Share permissions

Chapter-Specific Access

Chapter access

A new way to help you garner more readers and help increase your sales is chapter-specific access. We now offer more flexible permissions by managing chapter-specific access. This way you can choose to unlock only certain chapters for a user, meaning you can sell access to chapters of a book.

Android API Level Increased to Level 28

As Google Play now requires that all apps submitted be compiled using API Level 28 or above, we’ve also upgraded to API Level 28.

Widget Builders

Widget Builder

One complication we had before was with regards to widgets, as users had to head to a widget builder outside of Kotobee to edit widgers. However, special widgets added to your ebook may now be edited directly from inside Kotobee Author (using a Widget Builder) without having to go to a different software or website.

Better Apple Books Support

Apple Books

Kotobee v1.5.9 now offers better Apple Books support. Exporting EPUB files now comes with advanced options. This includes forcing your own embedded fonts when opening in Apple Books (previously Apple iBooks).

We hope these new updates make your ebook creation process far easier than before, and maybe even help you make more sales in a different market. So what are you waiting for? Start by downloading Kotobee Author v1.5.9.

Click here to check out the rest of the updates and view the release notes.

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