Author: Irfan Khan

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing manager at Branex & a guest blogger on various websites. He is a passionate digital strategist. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

6 Writing Careers to Go for in 2019

Being a writer in this day and age has become a lucrative prospect. That’s because the internet has brought a lot of new possibilities to the table. We’re no longer bound by choosing between the traditional routes of writing books or being journalists, there’s more out there for any fellow writer.

writing careers

So, if you’re a writer whose ultimate goal isn’t to write the next bestseller, what else is out there? There’s a lot you can do actually. Some jobs may gain you recognition within the field, while others mainly help you get financial security. But in both cases, you’ll get to do what you love, i.e. write and grow both in confidence and skill. There are also several platforms like Jooble where you can find excellent writing job opportunities Continue Reading