8 things writers need that you probably didn’t know

Setting a good impression of how you convey your message as a writer begins with the quality of your creative craft output, along with how your communication channels look and feel. As a writer, you must strive to make sure your message is well digested by your readers.


Are you bold enough to declare yourself a professional writer? To be honest, this question is best answered by your creative, innovative and undoubted output, but do you see yourself as one?

Allow me to share the 8 keys you need to possess to write an ebook that will sky rocket you as a professional writer.

You might be wondering, what are these facts about writing that I want to share with you.

Perhaps there are some newly discovered techniques for writing or how to magically write incredible content that will earn you a large sum of money or something. The answer is no.

I am here to share with you some ideas you might not know and may be killing your writing potential.

Confidence and connections

A good way to establish your confidence and self-belief is to write a comprehensive book. After writing a book, connections are established between you and your audience, thereby building a list of readers interested in what you have to say. These connections will become more and more valuable as you progress in your career.

Reach + Reputation = Revenue

Go beyond the limit. Make yourself discoverable and accessible from every angle and on every social media channel and niche website you can think of. The existing online platforms are all yours, so explore them. Start building your reputation by transparency. Build an authentic and valid profile. Most importantly never claim what you are not. Your possible reach and reputation reflects on your revenue.

Understand your market and industry

In every industry there are target customers, and the same applies to the writing and publishing industry. You might be a fiction writer, web content writer, self-help writer or a print magazine content writer. No matter your area of specialty they all pass through various publishing processes to get to your readers.

ebook inside book

You may choose to write an alternate topic every now and then, but most importantly write for your target audience because that is the only way you can penetrate deeper. Don’t write or publish for all, but rather be specific. A good way to write about other topics is to guest-post on other blogs that target the particular audience that topic is addressing.

Write with a focus

Building on the point above, as a writer you can write on a general topic or whatever that pops into your head, I do that too. But when it comes to well-paid writes where professionalism, skills and potential are required, you must write with a major focus on your target audience.

It is quite frustrating if your audience doesn’t applaud you for your efforts. But whatever the case, they are still your audience and you need to attract them to your work, and you must also be attracted to them. Among them are your potential (paying) audiences so write what touches their soul and also write what solves their problems. If you’re willing to take the lead then be ready to solve problems for your audience, that is the best trick for you to get attracted to them and you will earn their loyalty.

Create your leads

Writing has become more interesting in this digital age which gives room for you to go viral. To go viral you will have to create a strong lead and you can only create a lead when you already have a strong writing pitch (authority). A lead simply means your influence over your audience.

Create a tool or channel for attracting new clients

I write a whole lot of free ebooks, and they don’t need to be 200 pages, oh no; in fact that is too much for a free ebook. It should be concise and helpful. The more ebooks you write, whether free or paid, the higher your chances to solve someone’s problem.

As you begin to build an archive of ebooks, you’re also building your potential audience list. Attracting new clients is the result of a job well done on your behalf. So start writing for a genuine purpose that you believe in.

Multiply your reach

You have to begin by being committed to your audience both paid and unpaid. It is the preamble of the entire journey, the bedrock of the writing business.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. “— Neil Gaiman

What enables virtually all writers to sell in their niche is, primarily, nothing but their uniqueness. Your styles of writing will always push you forward while earning you more, exponentially, if you keep working on it daily. Research how to maintain and scale your writing business in order to keep it growing.

You are the best person who can do what works for you most so stick to it.

Write with your brand voice

To come up with a brand voice you have to start with a set of unique phrases. In writing and publishing, the first thing you do is to captivate the mind of your readers. Remember, the brand is what consumers buy so push out your brand first then everything else will follow.


You already have your writing and publishing career on the go, but having read this article, I’m sure by now you will have a clear perspective of what your niche entails and also you will be able to define it more clearly. Whenever you’re writing, keep in mind that you are the only one who can write the way you do. So, write.

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