Author: Smith Garden

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Convert a Word Document to EPUB or MOBI in Minutes

Whether you are a prolific author, an independent blogger or a content creator for a large international firm, chances are that you work with text most of the time. While text editors such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word offer a lot of flexibility and creative freedom in terms of shaping your text, the same cannot be said about their export capabilities. Reading a doc file on a mobile device is not nearly as enjoyable as an EPUB or MOBI file.

epub or mobi

Devices such as Kindle readers and smart tablets which operate on Android and iOS systems are prone to cause unpleasant reading experiences when it comes to PDF or Word documents. These file systems are simply not designed to offer extended reading comfort, something which is more than a possibility with EPUB and MOBI formats. But how do you go about converting your files into these file types if you don’t have the necessary software or the know-how to do so? Continue Reading