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Interactive Ebooks

The days of static blocks of text and boring PDFs are long past; interactive ebooks are much more powerful and impactful. Nowadays, creating an interactive ebook requires a mix of creativity and technical know-how. Our blog provides valuable insights on how to craft engaging ebooks and save time with various practical tricks.

The Beginner’s Guide to Ebook Formats

With the boom of ebooks, so boomed the ebook file formats. Now a dizzying array of choices makes writers and techies alike wonder which formats to use—if not all of them for good measure. Although possible, it’s not necessary. Once explained, you’ll find that ebook formats are a lot simpler than you expected.

ebook formats

So, here it is—the essential guide to the best ebook file formats. As we go along, I’ll point out the advantages of each format, and you’ll start getting a clearer idea of what each format offers. By the end, you’ll know which one is the best format t for your ebook.

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iBooks Author vs. Kotobee Author

Today I’m bringing to you two of the highest ranking interactive ebook authoring software and comparing them side by side: Kotobee Author and iBooks Author.