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Blended Teaching: Models, Benefits, Tools, and More!

Most classrooms now encompass a unique blend of traditional face-to-face instruction and technology-based teaching–and this is known as blended teaching. This innovative approach to education is providing students with a dynamic and flexible learning experience. So let's explore everything about blended teaching, its types, benefits, tools, and much more.


Best 12 Ebook Creator Software in 2023

Looking to create an ebook that captivates and engages your audience? Check out our list of the best ebook creators of 2023. Get ready to discover how you can create interactive and multimedia-rich ebooks that will stand out in the ever-growing digital publishing industry.


5 Signs to Spot Vanity Publishers

In order to help you avoid the trap of vanity publishers, we will break down in this article how to spot them from a mile away, and we’ll offer alternative routes you can take to publish your books.


The Different Types of Editing Explained (With Examples)

In the world of book publishing, an editor can be your fiercest critic—and also your greatest supporter. But who are those mysterious people working behind the scenes? And what exactly does a standard editing process look like? In this article, we'll walk you through the different types of book editing, and why each type has something different to offer your work.


Your 6-Step-Guide to Building an Author Website

We’re here to walk you through all the steps required to create an author website that’s perfect for you, starting with choosing your domain name, all the way to deciding what to include on each page of your site.