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Digital Self-Publishing Challenges (And How to Overcome them)

Many authors think of self-publishing as the answer to their prayers. Having full control over all the details related to their ebooks, more and more writers are starting to explore how to navigate the digital self-publishing world and escape the grip of traditional publishers. 

And while that does look promising, it isn’t all roses. There are many digital self-publishing challenges that authors encounter on their way to getting their books out to the public. But there is no need to worry; through this article, we are going to explore these challenges and how to overcome each of them.

Digital Self-Publishing Challenges
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10 Ways to Improve Hybrid Learning in the Classroom

One can say that the educational scene has changed a lot over the past couple of years. With more people forced to stay at home, new teaching methods have emerged, making use of technology and engaging learners in different ways. One of these methods is hybrid learning which is becoming more and more popular.

hybrid learning classroom

According to Campus Technology, 68% of students prefer having a combination of in-person and remote classes. This shows how important it is for educators to know everything about this learning environment and how to navigate it. And that’s what we are going to explore in this article. 

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Self-Publishing on Amazon: Pros and Cons

Amazon has surely changed the game when it comes to self-publishing. Getting your book out there has never been easier. But before taking this step, you might be asking yourself: is this the right path for me? Or should I be going down the traditional publishing path instead?

Well, everything certainly has its perks as well as its downsides. And to help you make up your mind, we are going to look at self-publishing on Amazon pros and cons.

Self-publishing on Amazon Pros and Cons
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The Art of Crafting a Table of Contents in Ebooks

Have you ever been to a bookstore where you picked a book, looked at the back cover, then opened the book itself to look at the table of contents and get a better idea of what this book is about? Well, this is still true when it comes to ebooks.

While writing a table of contents for a printed book is pretty simple, it is a quite different process when it comes to ebooks. That’s why we’ve created this guide that will show you everything you need to know about tables of contents in ebooks.

Table of Contents in Ebooks
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Everything You Need to Know about Writing a Query Letter

Congratulations! You are done with the hard part–writing your manuscript–and now it’s time to publish your book. But before you go rushing into emailing agents, let’s first take a look at how to write a query letter that will get you a book deal.

While some people consider the process of writing a query letter daunting, you’ll find it pretty simple once you get the hang of it. And to make things easier for you, we are going to explore together what makes the perfect query letter that actually lands you an agent.

how to write a query letter
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What Is Virtual Learning and How to Benefit from It?

Some might say that using pen and paper is so old school, and they aren’t entirely wrong! With the advances we see in technology every day, traditional in-class education is quickly being replaced with a more modern alternative, and that is virtual learning. This kind of learning uses EdTech to revolutionize the way people get educated. And according to a study conducted in the US, 81% of college students found digital learning technologies helped them boost their grades.

To better understand what exactly it is, we are going to answer the question “What is virtual learning?” and we will also explore a few tools that will make your virtual learning environment stand out.

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LXP vs LMS: What’s the Best Learning Platform for You? 

Thanks to technology, education has moved from classrooms and training halls to laptop screens. This is done through various learning platforms. One of them is the LMS, which many institutions use nowadays to train and track the progress of their employees and learners. But while most businesses and educational institutions around the world are accustomed to the LMS, there’s a new learning platform that’s increasingly rising in popularity. 

This platform is the LXP, which helps bring the learners to the forefront and provides them with a more personalized approach to learning. And because some people confuse these two platforms, we’re going to look at LXP vs LMS, and how each affects the learner.

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